Emergency First Response

Emergency First Response

PRICE: PHP 10,000 | 1 DAY

The Emergency First Response course (EFR) aims to get you more involved and participating in emergency medical situations. Students on the EFR course learn essential skills and simple procedures to follow to quickly assess medical problems and offer emergency care. At Lapu-Lapu we include Primary Care and Secondary Care in our EFR course, with the option to add Child Care to the curriculum.

Primary Care prepares you to deal with life-threatening medical emergencies, such as providing immediate aid to a victim that is not breathing, has no heartbeat, or may have spinal injury. You will learn how to administer CPR and take necessary action to ensure victims have every possible chance of survival until medical services arrive at the location.

Secondary Care prepares you for situations that are not life-threatening, dealing with instances where medical services are unavailable or may be delayed at the location. You will learn how to assess injuries and medical conditions, provide first aid, reduce pain, and prevent further injuries in common emergency care situations. Essential skills include bandaging and splinting.

The EFR course is a prerequisite to the PADI Rescue Diver course and all dive-professional level courses.